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Invisalign, also known as Invisalign Braces or Invisalign Clear Aligners, is a popular, comfortable, and discreet option that offers many benefits. If you are considering this orthodontic system, here are five of the benefits you can expect to experience with Invisalign treatment, also referred to as invisible aligners or invisible braces:

  1. Invisalign is more comfortable than traditional braces. Unlike metal braces, which can rub and irritate your gums and cheeks, Invisalign is made of smooth plastic. This means that you are less likely to experience discomfort during treatment.
  2. Treatment time with Invisalign may be shorter than with traditional braces. Depending on your unique orthodontic situation, Invisalign may be able to help you achieve your desired results faster!
  3. You can still eat your favorite foods while wearing removable Invisalign aligners. By contrast, metal braces can make eating certain foods difficult and can even damage your teeth.
  4. Invisalign is discreet and virtually invisible when worn correctly. Patients can maintain their confidence and avoid feeling self-conscious about their appearance during treatment.
  5. Invisalign can correct a wide variety of dental problems, including crooked teeth, gaps between teeth, and bite problems. No matter what your specific orthodontic needs are, Invisalign may be able to help.

Is anyone a candidate for Invisalign?

Invisalign may be a good option for you if you have one or more of the following dental problems:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Bite problems (overbite, underbite, or crossbite).

Invisalign aligners is available at Joseph M. Boesch, DDS Dental Care in Rockville, MD. Call us at (301) 284-3840 to schedule an appointment to see if this treatment is right for you.

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  • Enjoy a discreet orthodontic treatment
  • Experience comfortable Invisalign Clear Aligners that fit snugly against your teeth
  • Boost your smile confidence
  • Continue to eat and drink your favorite foods and drinks
  • Brush and floss as usual while undergoing orthodontic treatment!

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