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Whether you require a crown for a damaged tooth, cosmetic enhancement, or dental implant restoration, we have you covered. With our personalized approach, we ensure a comfortable experience and a flawless fit that seamlessly blends with your natural teeth. Dental crowns are an in-demand procedure that we’re proud to offer our patients at Joseph M. Boesch, DDS, Dental Care in Rockville, MD. Schedule your appointment today.

If you have missing or loose teeth … read on! A crown may be the solution to restore your smile and help you regain your confidence.

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is commonly referred to as a dental cap since it caps or covers an entire tooth. Customized to specification, the dental crown performs a variety of functions that are very important, but the most important is support for damaged teeth.

Upon placement, the dental crown is immediately effective. The extra support helps to preserve the functionality of the crowned tooth and prevents further damage from occurring. It also intercepts the mouth being forced to adapt to a damaged tooth, which can lead to misalignments, discomfort, pain, decay, gum disease, and decreased function.

Crowns generally last for about 10 years, but with excellent care, can last much longer. Brush and floss your dental crown, just like you clean your natural teeth.

The shiny, ancient history of dental crowns…

Dental crowns didn’t make their debut during the 20th or 21st century. No, this restorative treatment has been around longer than us, our parents, grandparents… even great-great-grandparents! Evidence of the very first examples of crown work date back 4,000 years ago to Southeast Asia. On the island of Luzon, skeletons with golden caps and tooth replacements were uncovered. The gold material represented wealth and was a status symbol. Hence, it was most common among the political rulers and chiefs.

Also interesting… In Italy, around 700 BC, the Etruscans also sported golden “caps” on their teeth. Just like the powerful people of the Philippines, they too liked to flaunt their wealth this way. But it was the Etruscans who were first to come up with the creation of the dental bridge. It was constructed of gold wire that held replacement teeth in place. How cool is that?

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