The Role of Dental Exams and Cleaning

The Role of Dental Exams and Cleaning

Jul 01, 2020

Do you ever dread the experience of going to a dentist? Perhaps it is because dental appointments have largely been associated with pain and discomfort. However, this is not a true depiction of what dentistry entails. Many people who have this view of dentistry have bad experiences that leave them traumatized. Still, this should not be all the information you bank on to make decisions about your oral health.

Dental experts invest many hours in dental healthcare because there is a lot to offer patients. A big part of dentistry involves dental exams and cleaning, which you will learn more about in this text.

What Are Dental Exams? 

They are tests that dental experts run on patients that visit dental facilities. The first time you meet your attending dentist, he/she will engage you in a series of tests that comprise a dental exam. Some of the tests include:

  1. Information gathering – the dentist will ask you several questions to assess the state of your oral health. This information will also provide a dental history of you and your family.
  2. Physical exam – the dentist near you will physically observe and examine your oral cavity. This test may also involve touching different parts of your oral cavity to check for any anomalies.
  3. Digital exam – this is where scans and radiographs are involved. For this exam, some of the tests done include x-rays, ultrasounds, CTC scans, to mention a few. This will allow the dentist to view the insides of your oral cavity, including examining the structure of your bone tissue.

What Are The Benefits of Dental Exams? 

Every patient has to go through a dental exam when they visit a dentist. While it may seem like a tedious process you would rather skip, there are benefits to it:

  1. Provides your dentist with necessary information about your oral health.
  2. It allows the dentist to create a dental history for you, for the sake of future treatments.
  3. Allows for diagnosis of oral problems.
  4. Is necessary for a correct prognosis for appropriate treatment.

What Are Dental Cleanings? 

They are deep clean sessions where the attending dentist or dental hygienist professionally cleans your oral cavity. It is a common practice in general dentistry, as a measure to improve the health of oral cavities.

Processes involved in dental cleanings include the following:

  1. Scaling – it is the process of scraping off tartar and plaque from the surfaces of your teeth.
  2. Teeth brushing – it is different from what you are used to doing at home. At the dentist’s office, the brushing involves special fluoride toothpaste and an electric toothbrush.
  3. Professional flossing – this is a thorough cleanup between your teeth to remove any plaque and food residue.
  4. Fluoride treatment – this step will help protect your teeth by creating an extra coat over them.

Why Is Good Oral Care Important?

Dental cleanings may seem random, but dentists in Rockville, MD recommend them as part of the routine for practicing excellent oral health. While you may think of the deep cleans as a luxury, they okay a big role in improving your hygiene, giving you better grounds to manage your in-between hygiene efforts.

If you are wondering why dental experts stress the value of good oral care, some of the following reasons should address your worries:

  1. Preventing dental cavities – once you have dental cavities your oral health can only deteriorate from there unless you seek treatment. Dental cavities become the source of many oral problems, sometimes leading to tooth loss.
  2. Fighting dental decay – if you spot a cavity in your tooth, do not allow it any more time to progress. The result could be a severe case of dental decay that affects more than one of your teeth.
  3. Preventing infections – practicing proper oral care helps you fight infections in your mouth. Acids from food residues, saliva, and bacteria can all combine to manifest a significant infection that attacks both your teeth and gum tissue.
  4. Preventing oral cancer – unfortunately, oral cancer is very common in the world. Some lifestyle habits like smoking and alcohol consumption undermine the whole concept of oral care, putting you at risk of oral cancer.
  5. Protecting your overall health – whether you know it or not, the health of your mouth affects your entire body. If your mouth is not free from infection and healthy, your body might also be in trouble.