Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is a tiny video recording device that uses x-ray technology to photograph the outside of your teeth or gums. Specifically, this type of camera is a little larger than your standard pen. Furthermore, depending on the model that Dr. Joseph M. Boesch chooses to use, it can be equipped with an anti-bacterial casing for every different patient. Keeping an eye on both the monitor and your mouth, your dentist places the camera into your mouth and moves it around until they obtain the proper images for examination.

Despite being introduced before the turn of the millennium, the intraoral camera is still a somewhat new tool on the dental scene. Especially if you consider that it was not so long ago when only a handful of dentists could get their hands on this technology. Of course, today intraoral cameras are everywhere, and for a good reason. At the office of Dr. Joseph M. Boesch, we understand that using this piece of equipment is an integral part of practicing effective dentistry.

The Purpose of an Intraoral Camera

The reasons that patients forego a trip to the dentist are many. Whether you are generally frightened of the dentist or think there is nothing wrong with your oral hygiene, it is always best to visit your local dentist using an intraoral camera. After all, when your dentist uses an intraoral camera, it enables you, the patient, to see what you might not normally see without help. The intraoral camera pairs with a monitor so that the entire process can be seen by both the patient and dentist.

Not only is the intraoral camera helpful during diagnoses and examinations, but it is also incredibly useful for dental restoration. For instance, imagine that you had an amalgamated (mixed) filling replaced by a high-density resin filling. An intraoral camera can serve to reveal the beneficial results before and after the procedure.

In the end, intraoral cameras save time. Plus, they cut down on the resources used when taking multiple x-rays. The images from these camera-types are easier than traditional methods of imagery.

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