Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral that reinforces teeth and prevents decay. Fluoride is a critical element in oral care. Not only does it aid enamel in staying healthy, but it also combats bacterial infections that are harmful to your mouth and gums. The enamel is the outer layer that serves to protect each and every tooth.

As it happens, fluoride is incredibly effective for those prone to cavities and other dental issues. Cavities are a result of bacteria building up on the outer layer of your teeth. What’s more, the unsightly layer of plaque that forms on the top of your enamel produces acid that causes erosion. If plaque degrades your enamel enough, bacteria can enter the crevices of your teeth and cause problems.

What to Expect in a Fluoride Treatment

When Dr. Joseph M. Boesch conducts a fluoride treatment, a high-concentration rinse, gel, foam, or even varnish may be used. Additionally, the process may involve the use of an applicator, plastic mold, or even mouthwash.

The same type of fluoride that is in your water is the fluoride used during this treatment. However, a fluoride treatment carries much higher concentrates of the cleaning element. These treatments apply in mere minutes, but you might need to stay away from food or drink for a short time.

Per usual, it is always important that you give your dentist your entire dental history. That way, you can be sure you won’t have any complications when undergoing a fluoride treatment.

Why is a Fluoride Treatment Good?

Although fluoride is a naturally occurring element, it carries restorative properties as well. By replacing minerals lost from the surface of your teeth, fluoride protects against erosion. It is important to remember that fluoride alone cannot remove decay from your teeth. However, this element can aid in stopping the spread of bacteria and infection throughout your mouth.

Fluoride is advantageous for kids and adults alike. As a matter of fact, the younger a child is when they become introduced to fluoride, the less chance they have of getting cavities and other decay-related problems.

At the end of the day, check in with the friendly staff at the practice of Dr. Joseph M. Boesch to see if a fluoride treatment might be for you.

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