A tooth filling is a practice in restorative dentistry whereby a less-than-perfect tooth receives treatment to bring it “back-to-life.” In other words, a filling saves a tooth otherwise compromised by damage or decay. When Dr. Joseph M. Boesch puts in a filling, there are several things that must be done.

Removing the decayed tooth matter is vital to a proper filling. After all, what good is covering up something when it is rotting from the inside? Regardless, after removing any decayed tooth material, you undergo a thorough cleaning. After the affected area receives the proper pre-treatment, your tooth filling dentist fills the cavity with one of several materials.

Materials used for fillings vary. For example, fillings can be made of porcelain, gold, or even composite resin. Not to mention, the material could be an amalgamation, or mixture, of silver, tin, copper, and mercury.

What Type of Tooth Filling is Best for You?

There is no single filling best for any one person. The right filling for you depends on the amount of damage sustained. Plus, it can also be reliant upon factors such as pre-existing allergies, placement, and price.

Additionally, there are specific considerations concerning each material. For instance, gold fillings have different properties than fillings made from high-grade composite resin. There is also a vast difference in price between the two.

When You Need a Dental Filling in Rockville

If you have a tooth that has been largely damaged or has decayed over the years, Dr. Joseph M. Boesch might be a good person to contact for treatment. After all, if you have a damaged tooth, a cap or crown might be necessary as well.

A filling is done in an attempt to keep your nerve alive. Also known as “pulp capping,” a filling takes up the open cavity caused by tooth decay.

At the end of the day, only your dentist in Rockville MD can tell you if you may need a filling. That said, anything which appears irregular should be brought to the attention of your dental practitioner. That way, they can use specialized tools to make sure you’re properly caring for your mouth. The end-treatment relies on how badly your tooth, or teeth, are damaged.

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