Getting a tooth pulled is never fun, but sometimes, it can be necessary. It would be best if you never attempted to pull out your tooth. It is always essential to consult with your local dentist in Rockville to see if you are a tooth extraction candidate.

Why You Could Need a Tooth Extraction

Even though your childhood teeth fall out early on, your adult teeth can fall out more first than you think without proper care. After all, secondary teeth (your adult teeth) are meant to last your entire life, but issues can occur unexpectedly.

There are several reasons behind a person undergoing the tooth extraction process. For instance, a frequent case might be about a tooth that is too far gone from general decay or direct trauma. What’s more, repairing the tooth might not be possible either. Your dental practitioner is very familiar with what makes for a “keeper,” and when it’s time to opt for extraction as well.

Another cause for pulling teeth is a crowded mouth. Even though crowded teeth often require orthodontic treatment, dentists play in role combatting this condition as well. In particular, dentists may conduct a tooth extraction to prepare your mouth for future procedures.

Infection can end up, resulting in tooth extraction. When the center of a tooth becomes damaged, or there is tooth decay, a person is at risk for infection. Also called the pulp, this area holds all your blood vessels and nerves. Most of the time, such an occurrence can be fixed with a root canal. However, in extreme cases extracting the tooth may be necessary to stop the worsening of the condition.

What to Expect from Tooth Extraction in Rockville

Whether it is Joseph M. Boesch, DDS, or an oral surgeon performing your tooth extraction, you can expect several standard measures. For instance, before undergoing an extraction, your dentist makes sure to numb the affected area. Coupled with this local anesthetic, a general anesthetic may sometimes be used as well. You will experience little to no pain when receiving anesthesia of all types.

If you have an impacted tooth, your dentist cuts away part of your gum line. Plus, your dental practitioner takes a small amount of tissue from the surrounding bone. Next, a pair of forceps is used to cradle your tooth and allow for a proper grip.

Sometimes teeth don’t come out quickly. Therefore, your dentist may also need to break apart your tooth with a drill and pull it out in pieces. In any event, always consult with your local dental practitioner if you have concerns regarding a problematic tooth.

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