Digital & 3D X-Rays

Imagining dentistry without innovations in x-ray technology is tough. The photos obtained from x-rays, or radiographs, permit Dr. Joseph M. Boesch to examine and address issues that may go unnoticed by the untrained eye. For instance, early onset tooth decay, diseases in your gums, and irregular growths are all things that might be revealed by x-rays.

Since x-rays arrived on the dental scene nearly one hundred years ago, it has soothed countless cases of suffering and saved many teeth. Currently, the newest digital and 3D x-ray technologies make the use of x-rays safer than ever before.


Aside from reducing exposure to radiation, digital and 3D x-rays have a variety of benefits for dentists and patients. For starters, this type of x-rays eliminated the need for chemical processing, subsequently ridding the process of unnecessary wait times. With no film to develop, there is no need to use toxic chemicals when developing. In fact, there is no need to develop at all.

Another advantage of digital and 3D x-rays is the quality of the images produced by this technology. To the same effect, with a higher quality image, our dentist near you can obtain more data from every model. Not to mention, the images produced by digital and 3D x-rays may be augmented with the use of contrast control and magnification. Real-time comparison of pre- and post-procedure photos is possible with digital x-rays as well.

Lastly, digital and 3D x-rays are not only accessible for the dentist to use, but they are also better for patient comprehension. In other words, digital x-rays serve as a teaching tool for patients. That way, you can understand your exam results and explore the treatment options available. Plus, digital x-rays are easily e-mailed and filed.


Even though digital and 3D x-ray technology dramatically reduces the risks associated with radioactive processes, the innovation does not entirely rid the procedure of all dangers. X-rays, by their very nature, use radioactive matter to see through your body’s tissues. However, while penetrating your tissues to create an image, there is an ever-present risk for mishaps on a sub-cellular level.

For this reason, the practice of Joseph M. Boesch, DDS, only uses digital x-ray technology because its benefits far outweigh the possible cons.

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