Crowns can be used in restoring the size, strength, and size of your tooth. It will encase the part of your tooth or dental implant that is visible on the outside. Once it is set in place, it can only be removed by a specialist or a dentist.

The life of a crown, if it is taken care of properly and good oral hygiene is practiced, can last a good five to fifteen years.

If you should choose a natural tooth-colored porcelain crown, the CERE CAD/CAM treatment will give the patient their completed ‘permanent crown’ in only one visit. There are other types of crowns available at the office of Dr. Joseph M. Boesch, DDS here in Rockville, MD.

Your dentist may tell you that you need a crown for a few reasons:

  • Support or protect one of your teeth after you have had to have a huge filling or maybe a root canal treatment
  • Protect and restore one of your teeth that is decayed, broken, worn, or cracked
  • Cover a dental implant
  • Used to hold a dental bridge or another prosthetic device in its place
  • Improve your smile by covering up severely discolored or misshapen teeth

It will be your dentist who will recommend to you which type of crown will be best to use in your dental restoration based on your needs, your chewing placement, the structure of your tooth or an implant will require protection.

Most people do not realize there are three kinds of crowns. Each one has its own qualities and characteristics:

Full Porcelain

You can’t deny the fact that porcelain is strong, highly resistant to wear and tear, it is stable and attractive. It is highly biocompatible because it does not contain metal.

Your porcelain crown gives you the best natural color so it will match your other teeth and so it is an excellent choice for your front teeth. Our dentists here at Dr. Joseph M. Boesch, DDS are highly skilled in using CEREC CAD/CAM technology.


The metal offers such endurance and strength which cannot be denied. This type is what the dentist will usually recommend for your back teeth where the heavy chewing and biting forces are the greatest. You will find that the metal crown almost never breaks or chips. It takes the minimal removal of from your tooth.

Using gold or some other high-quality metal has been found to be biocompatible. A base metal crown is usually your least expensive choice, but it does lack biocompatibility and could cause gumline discoloration or allergic reactions.


Porcelain that has been fused to metal will offer you the benefit of that natural color on the surface that looks like the rest of your teeth but have the strength of being metal.

There are many advantages if you select this kind of crown. It will require the dentist to remove more of the old tooth than other types of crowns. It means there could be a greater risk for the patient to encounter discomfort while receiving treatment.

If you are having problems and have been recommended that you need a crown, please drop by Dr. Joseph M. Boesch, DDS in Rockville, MD for an exam today.

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