Repairing Teeth with Cavities Using Dental Fillings

Repairing Teeth with Cavities Using Dental Fillings

Mar 14, 2019

Dental decay is one of the most common dental issue faced by both children and adult which can be easily prevented. It is mainly caused due to improper oral and dental hygiene practices and skipping dental check-ups.

Dental fillings are one of the most common forms of treatment for cavities and tooth decay. Here are some benefits of tooth fillings:

Ways for Preventing Dental Decay

Prevention is better than cure. Preventing dental decay is easy. Here are some tips for preventing dental decay

  • Brushing your teeth a minimum of twice a day using a fluoride toothpaste.
  • Flossing your teeth daily.
  • Dental check-ups once in six months
  • Avoid excessive consumption of acidic and sugary foods and beverages.

Your dentist in Rockville will further recommend patients having a higher risk of cavities, and dental decay can utilize some additional measures such as using dental sealants and fluoride applications to add protection for your teeth.

Methods for Early Diagnosis of Dental Decay

Regular dental check-ups, i.e., at least once in six months can help in detecting signs of cavities and dental decay. Periodic dental x-rays can also help in detecting dental decay which is not presenting its symptoms, especially the ones which involve the nerves.

Hence, your dentist in 20852 will recommend a dental x-ray along with your routine dental check-ups to identify any hidden dental decay.

Using Tooth Fillings to Save your Teeth

When your dentist in Rockville, MD detects any signs of cavities and dental decay, one of the most common dental procedures used by a dentist is using dental fillings. It is a less invasive and inexpensive dental procedure.

Most dentist use tooth-colored dental fillings which match the color of your natural tooth. These are made up of composite material, mainly BPA-free plastic, and glass particles to offer a realistic restoration.

Your dentist Rockville dentist will remove the decayed area and apply the dental filling material on the gaps. Then, the dentist will polish, shape and harden the composite material using a curing light to enable the dental filling seamlessly blend with your natural teeth.