Is dentist fluoride treatment necessary?

Is dentist fluoride treatment necessary?

The fluoride treatment has been popular since the early 20th century when the researchers found that people who consumed fluoride water has lesser cavities than people who didn’t. Children are more likely to develop cavities because of poor oral hygiene. According to dentists, the parents are suggested to make use of fluoridated toothpaste and encourage children to use them. Apart from that, they must also consider taking their children to the pediatric dental clinic for occasional fluoride treatments.

There are several parents who don’t even offer their children fluoride toothpaste, let alone talk about fluoride treatment. The fluoride treatment is not very popular as many people believe that it can lead to permanent staining on the teeth and emergence of white specks if overdosed.

Though these risks are involved with fluoride treatment, the benefits of fluoride treatment outweigh the risks which come with treatment. You can benefit from a fluoride treatment when it is conducted by a qualified and experienced dentist.

How Does Fluoride Work?

According to dentist, the fluoride works by making up for the lost mineral on the surface of your child’s teeth. It also helps in preventing the harmful bacteria from thriving by depriving them of their breeding ground and preventing cavities.

The dentist says that the treatment may not help in restoring the structure of the tooth which has been damaged by the decay but it can prevent the decay from causing further damage. It is advisable to introduce your children to the fluoride treatments at an early age so that the risk of developing cavities is reduced. Many studies reveal that fluoride treatment help in preventing cavities by 43% if used for just one year.

The only important factor to consider is choosing the right dentist near you for your fluoride treatment for making sure that a qualified dentist is in charge of your treatment. You need to schedule an appointment with dentist to find out the best action for your child’s dental care needs. You also need to take them for regular dental cleaning and inspection for optimum oral health.