Is a Dental Crown Needed after Tooth Decay Treatment?

Is a Dental Crown Needed after Tooth Decay Treatment?

Apr 01, 2020

Tooth decay is a common condition that is affecting many Americans who are visiting even a dentist open on Saturday for a remedy. Often they are either informed that the tooth decay treatment will require a large filling or even a root canal treatment.

Large fillings generally render the tooth weak and prone to cracks and fractures just like after root canal therapy needing additional protection. Dentists often recommend a dental crown to cover the tooth to restore it to its former shape, size, and function. The crown can make the tooth appear stronger and look better than it was.

Many people have their front teeth discolored and look for ways to improve their smile after teeth whitening treatments have failed and approach dentists for a solution. Here again, the dentists recommend a porcelain crown that is tooth-colored as an option for dental crown front teeth. Crowns are made with materials that are often colored to blend with the natural teeth.

What Are the Factors Considered by the Dentist When Recommending a Crown

Your dentist wants your crown to appear natural while fitting comfortably in your mouth. When deciding the material for the crown your dentist will consider different factors like the:

  • The function of the tooth and its location.
  • Your preference.
  • The position of your gum tissue.
  • How much of the tooth will be noticeable when you laugh.
  • The color and shade of your natural teeth.

If the tooth decay in your mouth had created a cavity that was too large for a filling the dentist would offer you a sensible option of covering the tooth and protecting it with a dental crown. One would also be needed if the decay had spread deep into the crown to affect the root of the tooth which would have necessitated root canal treatment. In either of these cases, the dental crown would be suggested to protect the tooth that would otherwise be prone to fractures and breakages.

Tooth loss because of fractures or breakages would have sent you hunting for the differences between a dental crown vs bridge which also is a tooth replacement option that can cover gaps between existing natural teeth. Rather than leave your tooth prone to problems you would benefit from heeding to the dentists’ advice to have a dental crown either for tooth decay or badly discolored teeth.

How Will Dental Crowns Be Placed?

The placement of dental crowns usually requires two visits to the dentists’ office. Several steps are involved when a crown needs to be placed over a natural tooth, like the dental crown for front teeth.

Your dentist will prepare the tooth by removing its exterior portion to make the crown fit. Any tooth decay will also be removed and if the additional tooth structure is needed for supporting the crown the dentist may buildup the center of the tooth.

An impression is taken to get an exact model for the crown. Some dentists have invested in the latest technology and digitally scan the tooth while others may create an impression with the help of dental putty.

A temporary crown will be provided to you as you wait for the permanent crown to be fabricated which usually happens in about two weeks. Your tooth may be sensitive to hot and cold temperatures when you have a temporary crown in your mouth. You must avoid eating chewy foods and in particular chewing gum when the temporary replacements are in your mouth. If your dentist has the latest equipment you may be in a position to get a same-day crown cemented in place while you wait for a couple of hours.

During your second appointment with the dentist, he or she will place the permanent crown in your mouth and make any adjustments that are needed. The crown will be cemented into place when both you and the dentist are happy with how it looks and feels.

Replacing a weakened tooth with a crown will be a better option than having it replaced with expensive dental work in the form of implants or bridges. Trying to preserve your natural tooth should always be your first concern even if it has weakened for any reason. When you can easily achieve your goal and get the dental crowns you need from the dentist in Rockville, MD you should be happy the natural strength and functionality of the tooth, as well as your appearance, will be restored with a single treatment. The dental crown will last you for quite some time as long as you maintain proper oral hygiene and visit your dentist regularly for cleanings and exams.