Five Reasons Dental Bridges Will Make You Smile

Five Reasons Dental Bridges Will Make You Smile

Jul 16, 2019

Teeth can be lost due to an accident, age or some other reason. It affects your appearance and chewing and speaking ability. Dentist in Rockville MD, 20852 suggests replacing missing teeth with dental bridges that make your mouth happy and healthy.

The restorative treatment through dental bridges you can get back your look, smile and all other mouth functionalities.

There are top five reasons dental bridges will make you smile again.

  • A fully restored smile

You can get the missing teeth replaced with dental bridges that give prosthetic teeth. Bridges need support from the two either side where teeth are missing. The dentist fits an anchor of each side of the bridge and restores your smile.

  • Maintaining your facial appearance

Missing teeth affect the shape of your face because of jawbone and facial musculature change over time. Maintain the natural look of the face by replacing missing teeth with the dental bridges.

  • Prevention of pain and problems

Search for a dentist near me and take advice for filling the gap in gum due to the missing teeth. A dental bridge helps to prevent disorders of the jaw like TMJ and bite problems.

  • Avoid shifting teeth

The missing teeth create space and lead to the shifting of the existing teeth. Dental bridges are used to fill these spaces and support the existing teeth. Shifting of teeth can be prevented and saves money which you spend in other dental care treatments.

  • Help in speech

Speech is important in your life as you communicate or speak with the people around. Missing teeth affect your speech ability and the other person may not be able to understand you. Replace missing teeth with the dental bridges that enhances your speaking ability.

Dr. Joseph M. Boesch provides affordable dentistry treatments. They provide all kind of dental services from basic care to dental implants in Rockville. A dental implant is also a popular and preferred tooth replacement method. It is inserted in the jaw and attached to a dental crown to replace a missing tooth. Get your healthy and beautiful smile with the dental bridges.