Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Emergency Dental Care

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Emergency Dental Care

Sep 01, 2019

To keep your teeth and your family’s teeth healthy, it is important to know what kind of dental injuries require immediate medical attention. Accidents can take place at any time while some injuries require urgent treatment. Some can be held till the normal hour of your dentist commences.

The most common type of injuries includes a broken or a cracked tooth caused by biting hard or textured food, a sports-related injury, a fall or any other type of accident. Depending on the location of the tooth and the severity of the injury, the broken or chipped tooth may or may not be treated as an emergency and a visit to the dentist during working hours may suffice. Although is the crack to the tooth is severe where a large part of the teeth is missing, or there has been damage to the nerves causing immense pain then the patient has to rush to a dental care office immediately.

While a patient is waiting to know if the entire tooth is knocked out or not, the tooth should be handled with extreme care. The patient should be mindful not to swallow the tooth and should try to see if it fits back to the socket. While waiting he or she should bite gently a moist gauze or a tea bag.

In a situation where a tooth cannot be kept into the socket then the patient should wash it off to remove any visible dirt or grime on it. It should be kept safely in a bottle of milk or human saliva before a visit to the dentist or emergency dental care can be made. To terminate the bleeding that is coming out of the tooth socket, a wet compress should be held on the injured area.

Sometimes dental problems can be more complicated than a broken or cracked tooth. An individual may go through immense pain caused due to an abscessed tooth. In such a scenario, a call should be made to the dentist office for an emergency appointment. Most dentists keep slots open for such cases. If the pain manifests at an odd hour, the call to the dentist office should be still made. They might have emergency provisions for such situations. If these two solutions do not work, the patient should rush to the emergency or trauma unit of a hospital or clinic. Healthcare professionals can then determine if it needs immediate attention. They can also provide for pain relievers to alleviate the pain.

Tips to prevent Dental Emergencies

  • Wear a mouthguard- Whenever a contact sport is being played. It is of utmost importance that a mouthguard should be worn to protect the mouth from trauma and injury.
  • Avoiding candies and hard foods- While eating, candies and hard food should be avoided to prevent injuries to the mouth.

Any injury to the teeth should not be neglected. It might be possible that the nerves may be damaged which can further severe problems. Risk of infection is also present. Infection if not treated can spread to the head or neck that can cause complicated health problems. In some rare cases, it can also become life-threatening. Seeking treatment for any dental injury is very important. Emergency Dentists in Rockville are trained to deal with such emergencies and provide quality medical attention. The dental clinics are open on Saturdays. It is best to get treatment for dental emergencies and get a broken tooth repaired.

Today, an emergency dentist in Rockville has innumerable methods to deal with dental emergencies. They are equipped with technology to restore the teeth using synthetic material and make artificial products very similar to the natural teeth. The dentists are trained to identify the problem and prescribe a solution to it. The solution can vary from pain management to restoration or both. They can to get rid of the pain in a few minutes.

Any injury that hurts can be regarded as an emergency because an injury might seem small but there are chances that they have damaged the living tissue inside the teeth. Therefore it is extremely important to take these injuries seriously and get them treated as early as possible. Contact Joseph Boesch DDS if you ever need a dentist in cases of emergency.