Dental Fillings: Fixing Cavities And Saving Teeth

Dental Fillings: Fixing Cavities And Saving Teeth

Feb 14, 2019

Majority of Americans have tooth decay and over a quarter have cavities that are untreated. Now that’s pretty huge. Strong teeth and gums are the sign of good oral hygiene and having cavities indicate many signs. Treating a cavity with dental fillings is one of the common treatments done by dentist in 20852. It’s safe, effective and can save your tooth from further damage.

Let’s find more about dental fillings:

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are nothing but a procedure of filling the hole or cavity. Distinctive materials are used to do dental fillings by dentist in Rockville. There are many options of dental fillings: Composite resin, Dental amalgam, ceramic fillings, and gold and porcelain fillings.

Dental Enamel 

Tooth enamel is one of the strongest substances in our body. Enamel covers the tooth surface and gives it optimum protection. Our mouths are completely filled with bacteria. Hundreds of them live on our teeth, gums, tongue and other places in our mouths and not all of them are harmful. Consumption of certain foods and beverages ensure that those bacteria feed on them and cause enamel to erode and thereby causing tooth decay. Dental fillings can provide the same amount of protection to the tooth and can protect it from further decay says dentist in Rockville, MD.

Composite Fillings

Made of a resin and plastic material composite fillings are placed into the cavity while it’s soft, and then hardened with bright blue “curing” light. It’s a most popular choice because it can match the color or shade of a person’s existing teeth, so it’s not as obvious as a silver or gold filling. Composite fillings needs to be replaced every five years or so.

Tips For Healthy Teeth and Gums

The best way to avoid any kind of oral treatment like fillings or more advanced root canal is to maintain a good oral hygiene.

  • Brush twice daily
  • Floss at least once daily
  • Use fluoride toothpaste
  • Reduce sugary drinks and foods
  • Have a healthy and balanced diet
  • Visit twice a year to dentist for oral exam and cleaning