Jul 01, 2019

If you have missing teeth, it can create a negative impact on your life. Even a single missing tooth can wreck havoc on your dental health. It can also hamper your appearance and self- confidence. Simple tasks such as eating and chewing can become difficult because of missing teeth.

According to the dentist in Rockville MD, 20852, missing teeth take a toll on your oral health. The adjacent teeth begin to shift and moves to the open space. It leads to misalignment and habits such as teeth grinding. Because of the absence of root for stimulating your bone, you may suffer from bone loss. It not only threatens the stability of remaining teeth, but also changes the contours of your face and makes you appear older.

Dental implants Solve the Problem of Tooth Loss

According to the dentist near me, with dental implants in Rockville, millions of people have a reason to smile again. Instead of bridges or dentures, which rest on the top of your gums, the dental implants are titanium replacement roots placed surgically into your jaw. As the implant heals, the implant post fuses with the bone and tissue that surrounds it and becomes a permanent part of your dental structure. The process of healing is known as osseointegration. This may take around 5 to 6 months.

When the implants have healed, Dr. Joseph M. Boesch will add a crown, bridge, or denture for restoring function and enhancing the appearance of your smile.

The reason why dental implants are so popular is because:

  • They are a tooth replacement that supports good oral health.
  • They stabilize dentures so that they won’t shift and move.
  • They are a permanent solution for tooth loss.

The dental implants overcome the limitations that came with other methods of tooth replacement. If taken care of properly, they can even last for a lifetime. They look so natural and easily blends with your permanent teeth in such a way that no one will ever realize that you are having implants. Apart from your smile, dental implants will restore your confidence as well.