A Root Canal Can Stop Tooth Decay and Save Your Tooth

A Root Canal Can Stop Tooth Decay and Save Your Tooth

May 16, 2019

Tooth decay is dangerous and leads to many other problems more than just cavities. It works on the innermost part of the tooth where the pulp and tiny passageways called root canals lead to the tooth’s connection with the bone.

You might require drilling and fill as without this tooth could be lost. Always consider treatments to save your teeth as the missing tooth creates a negative impact on the quality of life.

Missing teeth leads the other to shift from their place and affects your ability to chew and destroys your beautiful smile.

Root Canal Treatment

The dentist removes the infection from within the tooth and preserves it from re-infection. You might have heard that the root canal treatments are painful. With the use of modern anesthetic techniques, the pain can be reduced. Therefore, root canal treatments help stop the pain caused by infected nerves within the pulp and root canals. This ultimately saves the tooth.

The root canal can be performed by a general dentist, which is a specialized endodontist.


Dentist in 20852 says extensive decay or complex root canal networks require the services of an endodontist specializing in root canal anatomy and treatments. An endodontist provides procedures and materials with the use of advanced technologies while giving treatment. They properly evaluate the condition and provide the best treatment plan that helps to save your teeth for a lifetime.

It doesn’t matter who performs the root canal. The procedure and the goal are the same. Dentist in Rockville, MD, recommends complete removal of all the diseased tissue within the tooth. Then seal it with a special filling to prevent re-infection.

To access the diseased pulp, a hole is drilled first, and then infected tissue is removed with the use of special instruments. A filling is inserted gutta percha into the empty pulp chamber and root canals. These fillings and sealants prevent bacteria from re-entering the tooth.

Visit a dentist near you to enhance the appearance of the tooth through the root canal procedure.